About Us

Excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best.
That is precisely what we strive for. We are a startup company made of enthusiasm, young blood, zeal and an appetite for change in the monotony of handling events. We handle all kinds of events, social and corporate events with a sprinkle of vogue. Our determination to furnish our clients with the best, fans our motivation even further.

Akshita Sharma

A DAVian graduated in English Honors with flying colors and a tinge of gold, from St. Bede’s College. Having been the Vice President of Media Cell in College, she is a presage of managerial skill, innovation and organization. Steering her peers throughout her graduation as the class representative showcases her ability of remarkable captaincy.
Undergone training for travel and tourism, she also has interned with PHD chamber of commerce and industry which makes her the quintessential head of the youngsters led company.